We are constantly looking for intelligent, articulate, passionate and team-oriented individuals.

Career Opportunities

Research Agent

Research agents administer telephone surveys on topics such political opinions, patient satisfaction, and brand awareness. There are no sales, angry customers, or complex technical support. Agents who are friendly, articulate, and professional are very successful at conducting telephone surveys.

Career Development

At the Cicero Group, our people come first. We work hard to foster a culture where employees can thrive both professionally and personally. This means providing immediate opportunities for consultants to contribute meaningfully to real engagements with our clients — we set the bar high, so be ready for a challenge! At the same time, we’ve got our eye on the future. Today’s analyst is tomorrow’s Principal. We recognize that maintaining a sustainable work-life balance is critical to the growth and success of our company.

Our professional staff agrees that three of the biggest benefits of working at Cicero include:


Work shoulder-to-shoulder with smart, engaging colleagues who will challenge your thinking everyday as you team up to solve tough client problems. Our work isn’t always easy, but our culture of open collaboration, feedback, and mentorship propels innovation and constant learning, no matter how difficult the problem.


Have opportunities to make a lasting impact on client businesses, as well as your own company. Our entrepreneurial spirit compels us to apply the same level of ongoing evaluative critique to our business as we would any client; at Cicero, our employees are empowered to shape the future of our company.


Develop skills and talents that will open long-term career opportunities, at Cicero and beyond. Our employees typically arrive at Cicero with remarkable strengths in specific areas, and our goal is to help them take those to the next level by building upon what they do best and providing challenging opportunities to develop new skills.

Some people just have a passion for helping other people. They excel in communicating in thoughtful and meaningful ways. They’ve learned that talking with people to identify a need, then working together to find a solution to that need are skills that can make real and lasting differences. These are our kind of people.