Business Process Outsourcing

Need an extra hand with the critical functions of your business? Cicero BPO Division delivers best-in-class business process services.

Cicero BPO Division

Our standards are incredibly high when it comes to managing your outsourced business processes. We work hard at being your trusted partner and emphasize the need for constant propriety, security, and confidentiality. Front-office or back-office, wherever your organization needs a boost, Cicero BPO Division delivers best-in-class business process services.

Virtual Assistant

At Cicero BPO Division, we know what it means to deliver top-tier administrative support. Whether you need CRM Management, Email and Voicemail Screening, Document Editing or Proofing, or even someone to provide executive support in the form of travel arrangements, administrative tasks, or transcription, we strive to be there how and where you need us most. With our extensive experience, our specialists can even handle your special projects such as updating website content, conducting web research, as well as providing recommendations based on polling and surveys. Whatever your direction, we help you leverage our experience and expertise to get you there.

Social Media Moderation

Social Media has exploded in the past 5 years. Your company likely has a social media presence whether you know it or not. Many companies cannot keep up with the barrage of comments, good and bad, without an expensive dedication of personnel to the watching of social media channels both day and night. Let the experts at Cicero BPO Division be your eyes and ears in the social media universe. We protect your company image and brand by monitoring multiple channels simultaneously, commenting and providing follow-up care based on your pre-set criteria. And, our Social Media Moderation efforts blend seamlessly with our contact center, allowing us to wow your customers in ways most organizations just cannot do.

Data Entry

Electronic data entry and document conversion require pinpoint accuracy coupled with stringent data controls and safeguards. With our foundation as a premier data-driven consulting firm, no one knows that better than Cicero BPO Division. We employ rigorous, multi-factor protection to isolate your critical information from the outside world. With our current standards of adherence meeting requirements for PII, PCI Compliance, CMS and HIPAA, to name a few, we are confident that we can meet your data requirements, whatever they may be.

Data Collection

Companies manage what they measure. Therefore, collecting information to measure critical KPIs is key to sustained, high-level business performance and optimization. Cicero BPO’s expertise lies in gathering data for clients in a way that seamlessly integrates with their current data collection processes.

Customer Support

Cicero BPO’s inbound and outbound support capabilities can answer frequently asked questions, reroute calls as appropriate, and help customers utilize available resources to address their unique needs. These efforts allow our clients to handle busy periods seamlessly, increase customer satisfaction, and decrease training and overhead costs.

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