Seamless handling of email side-by-side with calls, chats and SMS texts helps us deliver consistency in every customer interaction.

Depending on how well information is understood and relayed, email can be a convenient tool or it could be a completely frustrating experience. At Cicero BPO Division, our integrated email system uses cutting edge technology to identify issues and quickly route messages to the agents best equipped for a speedy resolution. Our unique ability to collect, classify, aggregate, and store your customer information sets us apart from other BPO providers.

And, because Cicero BPO email is integrated, if discussions stall while one side waits for the other to reply, agents can quickly switch the conversation to a more immediate channel, like web chat, text message, or even a phone call.

Our integrated systems help catalog your data as well. In our archival and classification of your customer interactions, your data becomes extraordinarily useful in terms of customer relationship management, satisfaction measurement, and business development.

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