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Texting isn’t just for “selfies” anymore! Your customers will appreciate the convenience of receiving help directly through their mobile phones.

Text messaging from a mobile phone is becoming invaluable for convenience, for multi-tasking, or for simply having a conversation at your own pace. Offering your customers the ability to use SMS through Cicero BPO Division will improve satisfaction and drive loyalty. Your customers will appreciate the convenience and ease of use we can provide.

The Cicero BPO solution provides 2-way business texting over SMS which can be enhanced by other media channels such as voice, email, and even video. Customer engagement becomes broad and dynamic as they are able to share pictures and even video to facilitate a conversation. Imagine an insurance claim conversation where text messages are exchanged and a picture of the damaged car is sent. Or, a technical service interaction where screenshots can be shared to easily communicate steps that can be difficult in a phone conversation.

Whatever your business model, Cicero BPO Division can help create the perfect communications profile to care for your valuable customers.

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