Voice Channels

Cutting edge technology, dynamic IVR, and well-trained agents result in best-in-class telephone engagements for your customers

Crystal Clear, Digital Voice

With Cicero BPO Division, you will never need to worry that your customer’s experience is anything less than perfect. We use cutting edge technology at each touch point throughout our voice channels. Customers can communicate comfortably and pleasantly every time they call.

Dynamic IVR

Your customer calls can be routed as simply or with as much complexity as necessary. Maybe you have a single option where your customers just need to reach an agent as quickly as possible, without pressing a lot of buttons to get there. We can do that! Maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum and need customers to choose multiple options in order to provide the appropriate services. We can do that too! Even if your company’s needs include routing callers in and out of different locations, depending on a multitude of selections, Cicero BPO Division is your partner in achieving the perfect telephone interaction for your customers.

Self Help Resources

Many organizations have discovered the virtues of providing customers automated ways to answer questions and take care of routine functions like reviewing an account status or making a payment. If done correctly, customer satisfaction goes up while your costs come down. Cicero BPO Division can host, build, and even help to customize your self-help services to make it perfectly align with your business needs.

How can we help?

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