Web Chat

Web chat has become a communications mainstay as a simple way to provide support to customers while they browse your website.

At Cicero BPO, we recognize the importance of maintaining a consistent brand image through all customer engagements. Nowhere is that more important than when the customer is on your website and sees the site and chat interaction on a single screen. Our agents take careful cues from you as to how each engagement should be handled to keep that branding as consistent as possible.

Cicero BPO’s proactive chatting function allows our agents to reach out and engage a customer based on criteria that you set up. Maybe you want a chat window to pop up for a customer when she has been on the order screen for more than 5 minutes. Or, it could be a side bar that flashes a “chat now” option when someone has been on a product page for an established time. A simple, “Can I answer any questions while you’re here?” goes a long way in impressing prospective customers.

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