Cicero BPO Division uses leading edge, innovative technology to deliver top tier customer and caller engagement.

Omni-Channel Platform

The skilled agents at Cicero BPO Division are true multi-taskers. From telephone calls, to emails, to SMS texts, and web chats,our agents easily receive interactions across all channels. It is all made possible by our true Omni-channel platform. All communications are seamlessly blended and delivered to well-trained agents, maintaining a level of consistency in customer experience that simply is not possible in a channel-segmented environment.

The stability and reliability of our platform is unsurpassed. We operate under a standard uptime expectation of 99.99% and leverage industry-best failover and continuity-of-business systems and practices.

Data Integrations

Connecting you with your mission-critical data is facilitated through Cicero BPO’s open API CRMS where we make it simple to access the critical customer information generated through our interactions with your customers. Leveraging our extensive APIs, we automatically connect with most 3rd party data repositories. And, though the need for custom integrations is rare, we have a crack team of coders who can work with you to customize connections and data exports when needed.

How can we help?

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